About us

We Are a House of Creation – Cooperative of Worldwide Artists
A Portal for Healing, Art & Consciousness

We are based in the beautiful Eco village "ADAMA" which means 'Earth' in Hebrew, located on the hills of the western Galilee, in the north of Israel. Our creative group is called 'Harmony Art' (founded in 2002) together we produce the '13 Moons of Peace' Galactic Hebrew Calendar, create events and spaces for transformation and support each other with our art and cooperation on various different projects. Our original art and products include: Natural Cosmetics and Soaps, Original Healing and Sacred Music, 13 moons Almanac, Gold Plated Sacred Symbols, Orgonite Energy and Jewellery, Glass Art and more...

Our idea is to spread the love light of consciousness through supporting and promoting Planetary Art and Artists; We aspire to create a platform that holds frequencies of healing and  a space for transformation by offering unique worldwide collections of healing fragrances, spiritual symbols, and universal knowledge about consciousness.


Meet the Artists

Ido and Jasmine Gan Or, Noam Ben­David, Julia Karakova, Say Golddin, Libby Mor, Benja Love, Aharon Mizrahi, Idan Faran, Keren Smolarchik, Alon Mor, Erez Elbaz, Zohar Uriel, Uria Tsur, Reut Agam, Hadar Tani, Sha ya, Orly Shaya, Naya Barat.


About Our Collections

Our collections carry healing vibrations using spiritual symbolism, sacred geometry and natural top quality materials. All of our art and products are each being purified and blessed, for you to receive the highest frequency item! You will find the most powerful symbols of the greatest wisdom holders & spiritual cultures: Flower of life, Metatron, Star of David, Merkabah, Tree of life (Kabbalah), the sacred Dorge, the endless knot & more... You will find it here in various forms and collections: Orgonite Energy, Brass Jewelry, Gold Plated, worldwide collection of Incense, the amazing top quality beadwork of the Huichol Tribe (Mexico) and more... All of our products are filled with much love light and prayer – for you to receive the most high frequency product Top quality original products

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